Archery Diary

US World Team Trials

Going into the US World Trials I was stressed. I haven’t been showing good scores in practice so my confidence was a little low. Still I practiced as hard as I could and I worked on staying positive.  My priority was the World Trials because it was also the USA team qualifier for the World Championships team.  The trials was an 8 day event followed immediately by the 2019 Arizona Cup.  So it’s a pretty stressful and 11 days.  I had to give it my all for 8 days then rest up for another 2 days of competition.

All this, in Arizona.  In April.  Just when the wind and the heat combine for the most uncomfortable environments.  Stay Positive.  I got this.

The first day in the world trials was tough. I didn’t shot good but I did concentrate on my shots.  I keep telling myself that I’ve done this many times and I can do it again.

The next day got better.  Day three got even better.

Day four, exhaustion.

I keep I’m telling myself to shoot one shot at a time, one arrow the time.   Don’t forget the shot process. stay positive you can do this! After eight exhausting days, I finished 3rd! this is my 10th outdoor world championships in my career.

Mission accomplished step one!

Arizona Cup 2019

US World Trials finished up on Thursday.  Friday was official practice for the 2019 Arizona Cup.  After 8 days of competition, I needed a day off.

Elimination day arrives and I feel great. I feel mentally ready. Its gonna to be great! I’m feeling my shots and it should be a good day.

I shot the qualifier and finished in 5th. I wasn’t happy but I was ok.

In my 30+ years of competing I have experience a lot and I have learned from those experiences. But what happened the next day at eliminations turned into a brand new career lesson. On elimination day, the top 4 had buys.  Being in 5th, I had to shoot a match.

As I’m preparing for my first end,  I’m watching the clock to make sure I get on the line in time. I was looking for the AB sign to because that was my line. I looked up and saw that the CD line was on. I was told during official practice that AB/CD line doesn’t change, but that is usually done just on the practice day.   I wasn’t aware it was for entire competition.

I look up at the clock, AB is on, I go to the shooting line.

I coming back from my first end. I looked at the clock CD is showing.  I sat underneath the tent to take a look at my arrows.  I looked at the clock, CD still on. That line is up and shooting.

When They finish, I start getting ready to shoot and that’s when I see my opponent approaching the line.  Seems the judge didn’t change the clock.   I didn’t to see if my opponent was shooting.  I trusted the judges, trusted the clock. I missed my line I didn’t shot 3 arrows. I went over to the Judge hut and told them that the clock still showed CD. The Judge apologized and change the clock to AB.   I told him I missed my line because the clock had not changed.   I asked to make up my arrows because the clock was wrong.  My request was denied and I was told “No you can’t shoot your arrows”.  Another judge said “there was nothing we can do about it.

My tournaments in Arizona ended on a sour note.  I made the US World Team, but got caught up in some emotions and got eliminated early from the Arizona Cup.

As much as I am disappointed in the judging staff this mistake is all on me.  I should have paid more attention to who I shot next to.  I should have seen my opponent sitting instead of shooting.

I headed home more determined than ever to focus, stay in my archery bubble and leave it all on the field this year. I know I’ve been thru worse and I’m still standing. still training hard! And I’m still going for that Olympic GOLD I have dreamed of since I was 12 years old!


Stay Posted 🙂

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