WIAWIS Win & Win Archery

WIAWIS Win & Win Archery has been my sponsor since 2015.  I am shooting the AXT 25″ riser.   This amazing company that has brought home more olympic gold than any other brand.

Shubuya Sites

I’ve shot pretty much every site available for recurve archery and Shibuya has never let me down.  One of my most valuable pieces of equipment.


Easton Archery

Easton has been supporting me and my career for over 20 years with the very best arrows.  Their X10s have won more competitions than any other arrow on the market!

Jager Archery

I’ve spent my career perfecting my grip.  Jager made it even better.  All my bows sport a pristine Jager grip that gives me maximum control and totally matches my style!

BCY Strings

I’ve been shooting BCY Strings for more than 20 years and find they provide the best in quality and performance.


Rangomatic Vanes

Rang-o-matic’s Spin Wings have been on my arrows for over a decade now.  They product the best product at a reasonable cost.  Priced just right so you can change   your vanes often!

James R. Ray III of Munsch Hardt has been by my side since 2015 on all my business matters.  James is a fellow athlete and understands the ups and downs of a professional athlete’s career.


Bridgestone is one of the largest Olympics sponsors and I was honored to be named as one of their athletes in the 2016 Olympics.


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