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Weekend Workshops

My program is designed to increase your training options and help you strengthen your organization.

Workshops can be tailored to your club’s specific needs.

All you have to do is secure a weekend and let everyone know!  Once you secure a weekend, my team will prepare social media artwork for you to post, provide you with a trifold to print and distribute to your archers explaining the workshops you have selected. 

Workshops can be structured however you wish.  Hosting beginner, Intermediate and Elite workshops is always a good idea when you have different levels of archers in your club. You may decide to have 2 days of three hour workshops or 1 day of three hour workshops and one day of two hour workshops, it is completely up to you.

You will need a minimum of 24 archers to fill up a workshop.  

Elite Training Program

My Elite Training Program is tailored to each student’s needs.

Coaching includes review and corrections to a students shot process. Training on shooting steps and bow tuning. An introduction to physical training for archery is also offered. My students, learn how to overcome adversity using their strengths, proper shooting form, biomechanics, strength & conditioning,  Due to my current training schedule, I am only offering private training in the San Diego area. 

Limited availability on Thursdays and Saturdays.

Corporate Training

The goal setting, adversity training and confidence that my programs focus on, make archery training for your staff a great team building exercise.

I have been perfecting my skills, achieving success and have stayed compete professionally for over 30 years because I understand: archery, like business, requires focus, dedication, and being a team player.

My presentation highlights the successes, and heartbreaks I have experienced over the years and how I have overcome setbacks on my path to success.  Presentations can include technical training in archery where aech member of your team will receive one-to-one training and discover the correct techniques to load, aim and fire with ease.

Contact me to find out how you can bring archery to your company.


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