US World Team Trials

April 12, 2019

Going into the US World Trials I was stressed. I haven’t been showing good scores in practice so my confidence was a little low. Still I practiced as hard as I could and I worked on staying positive.  My priority was the World Trials because it was also the USA team qualifier for the World Championships team.  The trials was an 8 day event followed immediately by the 2019 Arizona Cup.  So it’s a pretty stressful and 11 days.  I had to give it my all for 8 days then rest up for another 2 days of competition.

All this, in Arizona.  In April.  Just when the wind and the heat combine for the most uncomfortable environments.  Stay Positive.  I got this.

The first day in the world trials was tough. I didn’t shot good but I did concentrate on my shots.  I keep telling myself that I’ve done this many times and I can do it again.

The next day got better.  Day three got even better.

Day four, exhaustion.

I keep I’m telling myself to shoot one shot at a time, one arrow the time.   Don’t forget the shot process. stay positive you can do this! After eight exhausting days, I finished 3rd! this is my 10th outdoor world championships in my career.

Mission accomplished step one!


Stay Posted 🙂

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