Pan American Games

Posted Jul 20th, 2015 gold

The Pan American games have been an elusive win for me.  There, I have found fierce competitors, both seasoned and newcomers.  From the US,  Denise Parker and Jennifer Nichols have taken home multiple medals.  This is company I have wanted to be in for a long time.

The field this year was intense.  Columbia has come on strong and Mexico has long had some of the best talent around.  From the US, LaNola and Ariel have been coming on strong and I am proud to call them team mates.  But when it comes to the individual medal, it’s every woman for herself.

The luck of the bracket had the US team come up against each other early on.  It was unfortunate that we wound up eliminating each other going into the semi-finals.

I found myself coming up against a good friend in the semi-finals.  Aida Roman, from Mexico, and I have faced off many times in my career.  She is a determined competitor.  Our match ended with a shootout that found my 9 a little bit closer to the X.

The gold medal match against Ana Maria Rendon of Columbia, was a fantastic match.  My 6-2 win came after a bad shot in the final end.  It just reminds me “It’s not over till it’s over”.

Overall, it was a great event for me and my entire team.  The women’s team took Bronze, the men’s team took Silver and Brady Ellison wore home an Individual Silver.  This was exactly what our team needed going into the World Championships in Denmark next week.