My Thoughts on My 2013 Results

Posted Jul 3rd, 2013 11

So far 2013 has been a very interesting year. After all, this is the first year after the Olympics. You’d think the US team would be getting some breaks. But that isn’t the case. This years World Cup schedule has us all fighting through jet lag and back-to-back tournament so I’m a little exhausted and just realized that 2013 is almost over!  2014 is right around the corner – time flies!

World Cup – Stage 1
We had a very good Stage One of the World Cup in China. We finished very strong in mix team with 1st place. Brady shot amazingly in our finals with India:  10-10-10-10-10-10-10-9.  Awesome shooting Brady!  Total of 154 points. .  We finished just 2 points behind The world record.

The weather was really bad during individual matches I know I could have shot better.


USAT Gator Cup
At the Gator Cup I shot great and my shots felt great. I finished with 1st place and went on to finish 1st at the world trials. So, No complains.


World Cup – Stage 2
It seamed like I was ready for Antalya, Turkey For Stage Two of the World Cup. We had beautiful weather and Antalya is a great host, as always. Everybody shot great but, sometimes, shooting great is not enough. A little luck is always necessary in archery. Team USA came home with just 2 medals. The first time since 2006. Little disappointing. We are going back to Antalya for world championship and I am looking forward to come home with lots of gold medals.


USAT SoCal Showdown
It was very windy and I didn’t get enough practice between the World Cup and SoCal so that’s what I get. 9th place. Considering I practice at the OTC all the time, I was disappointed with my performance. I just got back from the World Cup in Turkey and wasn’t over my jet lag. Definitely it was bad idea to have all the World Cups and USAT team competitions so close together. I hope USA archery will consider this for next years competition schedule.

Like I always say, I can’t do anything about the past but I am definitely focus on my future competitions.