Brooklyn Workshop

Posted Aug 7th, 2013 1077530_424897560947489_181717940_o

My Brooklyn workshop introduced me to many different levels of archers and I had a great time working with them all.  I was amazed at how far some of my students traveled to work with me!  I had a student that drove five hours, another took two trains and a bus and one even flew cross country.   Ok, she had just moved from California to Brooklyn, but it still counts! :)

The variety of students allowed me to really brush up on my coaching skills.  I had one class of 4 girls that had never touched a bow and we all had a great time.  They left the class knowing they really could shoot!   I even had a class that I was able to work on all 10 steps and saw great improvement!

I have to applaud Natasha for building and caring for the Hidden Gems program.  There are so few places in the city to shoot, so her program is very important.

Saturday Morning Workshop
Saturday Afternoon Workshop
Saturday Evening Workshop
Sunday Morning Workshop
Sunday Afternoon Workshop

I look forward to keeping in touch with my students and seeing how they progress!

  • Amy Arensberg

    We were so excited to see you in Brooklyn and hope to see you again soon! It was nice to meet Natasha and Q and I’m sure we will enjoy shooting with them at Hidden Gems.