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2013 Stage One World Cup: China

Team USA, Brady Ellison and me,  brought home Gold for Mixed Teams.  A perfect final end and a final score that was 2 points off the world record left me wanting more!

2013 Arizona Cup

My second place finish, individually and in team, started the 2013 season off right!

2008 Olympics Beijing, China

I took 5th place in my 4th Olympics and first time representing the US.   I was awarded the honor of carrying the USA flag during the Closing Ceremonies.

My First Archery Photo

This is a photo of me with my first bow.  This  simple wooden bow helped me too become a professional archer.

2008 Olympic Photo

Taken in Chula Vista, California Olympic Training Center.

2012 Team Photo

I am very proud to be a part of the 2012 US Archery Team.  Jennifer Nichols and Miranda Leek are great team mates.


2008 Olympics –  Flag barrier on closing ceremony.

2012 Hunger games Archery coach for actress Jennifer Lawrence

2012 Glamour Magazine “7 Female 2012 Summer Olympians Who blow Our Minds”.

2013 E! Entertainment “Pre OSCAR Countdown LIVE, Archery meets Academy Awards”



Athletic Achievements

2015 -Arizona Cup 1st place individual

2015 World Archery Festival Vegas NV  3rd Place Individual

2014 Indoor World Cup Stage 2, Thailand  2nd Place

2014 Pan American Championships, Rosario, Argentina 1st Place Individual | 3rd Place Team

2014 – Texas Shootout 2nd place individual

2014 – US Nationals, individual 1st place 

2014 US Open, individual 4th place

2014 Pan American Festival, Mexico City MEX  1st Place Mixed Team

2014 – SoCal Showdown 2nd place individual

2013 – SoCal Showdown 9th place individual

2013 – World Championships, Antalya, Turkey 2nd place mix team

2013 – WC stage 2, Antalya, Turkey 6th place mix team | 10th individual

2013 – Easton Foundation Gator Cup 1st place individual

2013 – World Trials 1st place

2013 – WC stage 1, Shanghai, P.R. China  1st place mix team | 17th individual

2013 – Texas Shoot Out 6th place .

2013 – AAE AZ cup Phoenix, AZ. individual 2nd, women’s team 2nd.

2012 – Olympic games 4th place London, UK.

2012 – Olympic games 6th place (women’s team) London UK.

2012 – US nationals, individual 1st place 

2012 – Final qualification tournament for Olympics, Ogden, USA . 2012 1st place women’s team.

2011 – WC stage 4, Shanghai, P.R. China  1st place mix team.

2011 – WC stage 2 Antalya, TUR.  2nd place women’s team.  Individual 8th.

2011 – World archery championship, Torino Italy. individual 9th. Women’s team 9th.

2011 – WC stage 1 Porec, Croatia. Mix team 2nd, women’s team 9th individual 33rd place.

2011 – AAE AZ cup Phoenix, AZ. individual 1st, Mix team 2nd, women’s team 1st.

2010 – Pan American championship Guadalajara, MEX women’s team 2nd, individual 3rd, mix team 1st.

2010 – WC stage 4, Shanghai, China. mix team 2nd,women’s team 9th, individual 5th.

2010 – WC stage 3 Ogden, USA. women’s team 9th, mix team 5th, individual 17th.

2010 – WC stage 2 Antalya, TUR. Women’s team 3rd, individual 17th.

2010 – WC stage 1 Porec, Croatia. women’s team 9th, individual 33rd.

2010 – AAE AZ Cup Phoenix, USA. women’s team 1st, individual 7th.

2009 – World Championship Ulsan, Korea. individual 28th, Team 9th.

2009 – AAE AZ Cup Phoenix, USA. individual 3rd

2009 – WC stage 1 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. individual 20th, Team 7th.

2008 – Olympic Games, Beijing, China. individual 5th place.

2008 – WC stage 4 Boe, France. individual 20th, Team 5th place

2008 – WC stage 3 Antalya, TUR. individual 48th

2008 – AAE AZ cup Phoenix, USA. Individual 3rd.

2007 – Olympic festival Ciudad Merliot, El Salvador. individual 5th place

2007 – Good Luck Beijing, Beijing, China. Individual 7th, Team 3rd place

2007 – WC stage 2 Varese, Italy. individual 35th, Team 8th place.

2007 – AAE AZ Cup Phoenix, USA. individual 2nd place.

2007 – III Copa Merengue Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. individual 2nd place.

2006 – Pan American Championship, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. individual 8th, Team 3rd. place.

2006 – US Nationals /US grand Prix, Colorado Springs, USA. 3rd place.

2006 – WC Stage 2, Antalya, TUR. team 6th place. individual 56.

2005 – 43rd World archery championship, Madrid, Spain. Individual 12th place, Team 12th place.

2000 – Olympic games, Sydney, AUS. Individual 46th. competed for Republic of Georgia.

2000 – AAE AZ Cup Phoenix, USA. individual 6th place.

1992 – Olympic games, Barcelona. Individual 46th. competed for Unified Team. Team 3rd place.